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  • Stalling and on a few

    Hello and Thank you

    I found you from watching/listening to a few podcast from other gentleman an glad i found y'all.
    I've been on the SSLP for 4 months now. I have added 60ibs to my squat up to 245 for 5 and it has increased every week but my bench, press, deadlift are all in the nancy zone. I have reset twice with no increase. What would anyone recommend for my self to increase all my lifts or is it time to move on. I would be very grateful for any advice that is given. Thank you

    about myself
    went from 125 to 170 after huge diet change
    eating 2700 calories on lifting days an 2300 on non and toting around more body fat then i think i should.
    physical background is US Army PT and some crossfit
    press 110
    bench 160
    deadlift 295
    squat 245

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    I would recommend running The Bridge v3.0.