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  • Session write-off

    I’ve just abandoned training at the gym this evening (session 1, week 2 of Bridge 1.0). Squat warm ups were a grind and first set of 5 @rpe6 were ugly to say the least. A couple more attempts with a lighter weight were dreadful; slow and a real struggle. So, I made the decision to walk away since my enthusiasm and motivation had crashed.
    I’m putting it down to a ‘bad day at the office’; sleep and nutrition have been sound. I was looking forward to the session and I’m committed to the programme.
    So my question is, do I try again tomorrow to maintain the integrity of the programme or give it an additional day of rest? Or am I over analysing?!

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    Just move on to day 2 and don't leave the gym next time- just user a lighter weight, stick to the RPE, and get the work in. Training is done over the long haul. Constantly going to the well each effort will bleed you dry and waiting to train until you're going to PR will leave you undertrained. It's time to start training
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