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Question regarding beltless rack pulls

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  • Question regarding beltless rack pulls

    I'm doing the 12 week press focus template. My understanding with BBM templates is only doing competition lifts do we wear a belt (comp squat, bench, press, deadlift) and all supplemental lifts are beltless. I did rack pulls today (beltless) and I've never done them without a belt before. My understanding is rack pulls are an overload movement and should be done with a belt to use as much weight as possible. Ok my question finally:

    Why are they done beltless (or are they to be done with a belt and i'm understanding this wrong)?

    Thank you

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    I wouldn't expect a beltless rack pull from mid shin to be an overload to the regular DL, but rather the ROM is fairly novel and there is some eccentric preserved, which does likely alter the fatigue profile of the exercise.

    Ultimately, I don't think the belt is needed to overload the movement anyway once it is trained (if your pull mechanics allow this movement to be heavier than your regular pull).
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      My take with the midshin rackpull / low block pull is it takes quad drive out to a degree and forces the pc to do more work.. or at least how it feels to me.
      def a weaker variation for me than a conv dead from floor.

      could be way off base