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Squat and Deadlifts for Diabetic With Foot Issues

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  • Squat and Deadlifts for Diabetic With Foot Issues

    I would love to get my dad on the SSLP. However he has been a Type I diabetic for 30+ years, and over the last few years has had to deal with a couple minor foot fractures and chronic foot infections. I believe he has been diagnosed with Charcot foot, though he's not the most forthcoming. Anyway, the upshot is that he has frequently been told he has to keep pressure off his foot, to the point where he was recently put in a cast to allow an infection to heal. I was wondering your thoughts on whether squats and/or deadlifts would be advised for someone with Charcot foot, and if not, what alternatives you'd recommend. The issues are always with the same foot, so I was thinking that alternatives that use just the good foot would be better than what he is doing now (jack shit). Thanks. (And I understand that this question might not be answerable without knowing exactly what's been going on with his foot, but i thought i'd ask anyway.)

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    If he has an active foot ulcer, I would probably not have him squat on it, though this certainly does not preclude him from going into the gym and training in other ways.

    If he just has chronic non-active issues without ulceration, I don't see any problems with having him train. However, the biggest consideration would be that in the setting of diabetic neuropathy, careful attention will need to be paid to his balance while training.
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