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painful elbows where biceps and forearms insert while squatting

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    I’ve had this issue as well. It came from bringing my elbows up at the bottom of the rep when trying to do heavy squats. Allowing some wrist extension and focusing on keeping the upper arms glued against my torso as a cue has helped. Using wrist wraps here will help keep your wrists from feeling any discomfort. In the end, a lot of it was just not keeping the upper back tight, like Leah has pointed out.

    The moment you start to feel any discomfort, I would start to try to fix it immediately. I did not, and now it has turned into a multi-week ordeal of trying to significantly rediuce the load on my elbows to allow it to heal. Then slowly ramping the volume and intensity back up. If I would’ve addressed it immediately, I would not have had to go through all that.
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      Originally posted by schmatt View Post
      If I would’ve addressed it immediately, I would not have had to go through all that
      that's a really good point

      i guess it's blessing in disguise that i've been stricken so early in my lifting career (career?! LOL!) so that i can sort it before it becomes a big issue

      mini update after today's workout: now using wrist-wraps tight to lock my wrists into a neutral position, wide grip with thumbs over, shoulders back but elbows down. using
      Alan Thrall
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      Alan Thrall's cue to "bend the bar across shoulders"

      no pain in the arms today, but i'm still trying to find a position where the bar is stable (getting some occasional roll-up)

      i'd call that progress
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