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  • Reason for training Competition Bench

    Hi all,

    First off, thanks for everything you do. Basic question that I'm sure you've answered before but I couldn't find anywhere. If someone is never going to compete in any barbell sport, are there advantages to training the bench with the 1ct pause instead of without it? My assumption would be that training without the pause would allow for moving more weight and would be the default movement pattern, like with the squat. If someone's goals are just increased size and strength, any reason that training with the pause as the primary lift is better than without the pause? Thanks so much.
    - JR

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    Thanks for the post. We program the 1ct paused bench out of convention mostly, but also because it tends to limit the amount of "bounce" someone uses to move the weight. Also, many trained folks will pause bench just as much as they touch and go. Similarly, I don't think there would be significantly greater (or worse) hypertrophy, strength transfer, or other training outcomes with it (paused bench) compared to touch and go.
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