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Improvised belt squat

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  • Improvised belt squat

    Hi everyone at BBM! I would really like to start doing belt squats with the bridge 3.1. I would like your thoughts on setting up a barbell in a landmine attachment and using a belt squat belt to “lever row” the bar with my hips. Perhaps even elevate myself a bit for more ROM. Does this sound effective?

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    I've tried this, and I think it is fine to do if you can perform the movement this way to depth without needing to stand on some sort of a platform. It is important to note that performing the movement this way will require a large number of plates on the bar.

    However, if you must stand on a platform to achieve the appropriate depth with this movement, I would not recommend performing the movement this way because this setup involves applying force into the platform at an angle which can cause the platform to move out from under you if the platform you stand on is not on a non-slip surface.


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      Does anyone here have any experience using a pulley system in a power rack to simulate a belt squat? EliteFTS recently posted a short youtube video implying it can be done with a setup from spud inc, but I'd like to hear from someone with real life experience.