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Hypertrophy Bias vs HLM

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  • Hypertrophy Bias vs HLM

    I'm just finishing up on the bridge and I'm unsure if I should do Hypertrophy bias or HLM next. So here's the pertinent info:
    19y/o 5'8" 163lbs (slowly gaining weight) ~15%bf Male College student - not very stressed, getting adequate sleep
    I personally believe I do not have very fortunate genetics when it comes to strength and muscle. The reason I mention this is because I saw Dr. Baraki post on instagram that those who are not very genetically gifted need to increase muscle size in order to match those who are more gifted (something along those lines). So, my question is whether I should increase muscle in order to be able to acquire more strength gains, or continue to train for strength since I am still very weak. My numbers are 225/170/315 (pounds) and I am no longer a novice; I did not make many strength gains at all after rerunning SSLP. As a final note, I plan on running 12wk template later during the summer because I am currently busy and dealing with a nagging hip injury. Thanks in advance guys!

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    I'd probably run the Bridge again and gain weight.
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