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16-week meet prep?

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  • 16-week meet prep?


    Thanks for all the great resources that you've made available on this site--the information here has completely changed my approach to training.

    I'll be finishing the Bridge 1.0 a the end of this week. Next week I'm planning to start the 12-Week Strength template in preparation for a powerlifting meet on April 27. If I start the 12-week program next week, I would finish it at the end of March, about four weeks before the meet. Would it be better to delay the 12-week program so that I'll finish it closer to the meet? If so, what sort sort of programming would you recommend in the meantime? Alternatively, if I start the 12-week template next week, could I extend it to 16 weeks?

    About me: 6', 203 pounds, 34'' waist, 64 years old. I've competed in two meets to date.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might provide.

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    Thanks for the post and good luck at your meet! If it were me, I'd do the first 4 weeks of the 12WS template back to back and then run the rest of the template as programmed right into the meet.
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      Thanks for the advice! Sounds like a great approach, which I'll follow!