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12 Week Strength Training Transition

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  • 12 Week Strength Training Transition

    Hello BBM Crew!
    I was wondering if when the days switch from 4 days to 3 days (Week 8 to Week 9) should I change my training schedule from M/T/Th/F to M/W/F or is there an alternative suggestion?

    Also, is a peaking portion built into the template or should I do the peaking template afterwards?

    Any insight is greatly appreciate!

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    Yes, I'd switch it to MWF at that point. And a peak is built in.
    IG / YT


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      Hi Austin

      In regards to the OPs 4 day training schedule, would you advise against training 4 days in a row? Or would that be ok? I will be doing this program in about a month and was curious if 4 consecutive training days is something you wouldn't recommend or not on this program

      Thank you


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        Training 4 days in a row is not what we recommend, however we'd say if training consecutively vs not training are your options, you'd want to train days in a row and move forward with that as you're able.