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When to swap out deadlifts in LP?

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  • When to swap out deadlifts in LP?

    So I am about 3 full weeks through the LP program and have been using the phone app (which has been pretty good once you get used to it). I was under the assumption that the phone app would change the deadlift frequency automatically. As I am starting the 4th week, I was curious as to when I should reduce my DL frequency to 1X per week. I have been making the typical 10# jumps per session and this has been going well. If I take out the DL's, do I replace them with pullups/chin-ups or cleans? I have already started adding chin-ups once a week on top of the 3 lifts but should these replace the DL's once per week and then Cleans replace the DL's during the second session? I've watched numerous videos on your youtube channel but I didn't see the answer to this question. Thanks for your time,


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    What did you start your deadlift at? What is it at now?

    I would probably switch it now and do 10lbs or so per week. I would do power cleans 1x/wk, and chin ups once per week.
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