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Arm work on 12-week strength template

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  • Arm work on 12-week strength template

    I just started the 12-week-strength template today, version 2.3. I really like the spreadsheet features. I have a couple of minor questions: The template calls for arm work--triceps press downs and biceps curls once per week. Does it matter which days I do the arm work? I thought I would do curls on Day 1 and press downs on Day 4.

    Other people might have pointed this out already but I thought I'd mention it just in case. There's a mistake in the template--the "How to Use" section says it's a 7-week program with 3 workouts per week. Of course, it should say this is a 12-week program with 4 workouts per week, plus a GPP day.

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    Thanks for the note! You can do the arm work on any day and I just do it all together on one day, but you can split it up if that helps you get it done.


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      Thanks, Leah!


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        Hi guys,

        I'd also like to ask a question about the arm work on this template.

        Can I replace the press downs with lying tricep extensions? Or once a week LTEs and once press downs? Would it even matter? Or am I overthinking the arm work and should I just do something?


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          Hi Jae,

          You can certainly make that sub, and you are correct-the point is to do some tricep work, so you are fine with any of these options here. :-)