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Endurance Template with Prowler/Sled

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  • Endurance Template with Prowler/Sled

    I'm interested in the endurance template but I hate sitting on a bike or rower and grinding away. My gym has a fantastic turf area with several sleds. Would it be possible to use those for the conditioning work instead of the machines?

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    You could use them for the interval work and potentially do a long sled drag instead of the LISS. That could work, but not on the turf for the LISS unless it's a long stretch of turf lol.
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      If I do interval work with say, a rower, my "rest" would be rowing slowly (as opposed to sprinting).

      What about with sled push / drag? Should I still be moving around during the rest period? Maybe I'm just not in good enough shape but after my sprint with a sled push I just don't have it in me to move that darn thing anymore, especially when I know that the next sprint is coming up soon.



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        Your rest time can/should be actual rest. So with the sled sprint, you will then STOP until it's time to go again. Remember the idea behind the rest is to help you to be prepared to sprint again so you want to take it.


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          Thanks Leah!