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Competition Lifts on 12 week Strength

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  • Competition Lifts on 12 week Strength

    Hello! I am currently running 12 week strength my second time through. My question pertains to the percentages used for rep work based off of a single at RPE 8 for all competition lifts during the program. Do I do these as prescribed even if they feel too light? Or should I be raising the weight to keep my 5x5 or 4x4 around an RPE 8? When I do a single at 8 and then subtract 20% to do a 5x5, some days it feels too light and I think I could go heavier while still leaving to reps in the tank. I know this work is supposed to be sub maximal and I am not planning on overshooting the rep work, but some days it feels like an rpe 7. Thanks ahead of time!

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    Nah, the back off work should feel pretty light in that phase. 3-4 minute rest periods would be advised as well.
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      Ok thanks Jordan!