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Reduced DL volume resulting in loss of strength

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  • Reduced DL volume resulting in loss of strength

    How would one remedy losing DL strength between programs. I have run 12 week strength and pulled [email protected] ran 7 week hypertrophy and pulled [email protected]/10...and was pretty accustomed to repping 435 for 6 at an 8 for my working sets. I have also gained almost 10 lbs in bodyweight since my first cycle of 12 week strength and I am 5'10 204

    Now that I have switched back to 12 week strength, all of my lifts have been going up except my deadlift, which has seemed to go down because now 495x1 feels like a 10 and I have tried it 2 weeks consecutively to make sure I wasnt having an off day. I am repping 405x4x5 and it feels pretty heavy. This is so weird to me because I am hitting rep PRs at rpe 8 for bench and overshot rpe or grinders.

    Should I just down regulate or try and add some more volume in the form of rdls or sldls? I am currently on week 4/13.

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    I wouldn't do anything at this point- rather I'd be sure to not overshoot any of your pulls-even erring on the side of being conservative. Get the volume in, build some momentum, and don't pull reps @ 10.

    I don't think I would say there is reduced deadlift volume on the 12 WS compared to the hypertrophy plan. One thing you might be acclimating to is pulling the day after a heavy squat day. I suspect this will all get better and you'll have some good data in another 3-4 weeks.
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      Thanks again for your help!