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Training with Extreme Anxiety

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  • Training with Extreme Anxiety


    My wife weight trains with the basic principles from BBM and your basic 12 week strength template (with slight exercise variation for adherence).
    I emailed Jordan a few weeks ago, and he suggested posting here also.

    My wife has extreme anxiety and is prone to panic attacks. Because of this, she feels like she is unable to recovery saficiently between workouts. To try and help her, I've progressively upped her weight in this fashion:

    She started an actual lifting program after leaving Crossfit when we got married. In my opinion, she doesn't have a sufficient work capacity. She wants to get stronger, but also have good GPP.

    Question: Is her added non-gym stress affecting her recovery? She suffers a panic attack 1-2 times/week and has struggled with depression. She doesn't want to use medication because she's hoping yoga and meditation will help, but, if it doesn't ease her symptoms soon, she'll be getting medicated.

    She consumes 2000ish calories/day with 0.75ish grams of protein/pound(Weight:138; Protein: 90-100ish; Hieght: 5foot 2inches; Age: 33; Relatively lean; 5k time is 26 minutes)

    She currently Powercleans 115 for 1 rep, Back Squats 135 for 3 reps, DL's 205 for 1, and presses 75 for 1.

    I've attached her basic workout below. Thank you for any advice on helping her to deal with this.

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    Hi there,

    I would suspect that her fears about recovery are affecting her perceived recovery more than anything else. I'm glad to hear she's training, and if she's adherent to the current plan I wouldn't force more weight on the bar at all costs. But this sounds like a pretty complex situation -- and it should be noted that panic disorder is fairly treatable, too.
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      I've thought the same; that it's a "no-cibo". That you for replying. I appreciate your time.