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Practicing technique on off days

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    Jordan Feigenbaum

  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    1) No, not really. I wouldn't do this. Best option is to power clean with good technique regularly to get better at power cleaning. That doesn't work with the Bridge's programming, however.

    2) I would definitely not do this and you can't meaningfully practice at very, very light weights anyway.

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  • timelinex

  • timelinex
    started a topic Practicing technique on off days

    Practicing technique on off days

    I am getting ready to do The Bridge for a second time.

    I have 2 other things I want to do:

    1. Learn good technique on PC's (get rid of the damn arm pull). I'm close, but just don't have enough practice. I don't care about weight progression. Just practicing the technique till I am 'competent'.
    2. I have alot of experimenting I want to do on my deadlift form. Things that will help with back extension and accommodating my shitty deadlift anthropometry. Regardless, that means trying and practicing different deadlift forms to see what works best

    I will be building a home gym in the coming months, but so far I will have an olympic barbell with bumper plates real soon.

    Is there a weight I can practice 1 & 2 on my off days, that won't tax me or effect my actual training? I imagine the lowest weight I can effectively practice PC's is 95 LB and DL's is 135 LB. Is that low enough to not effect the programming from the bridge? For reference, my deadlift 1rm is around 425LB.

    Thanks guys