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Clarification on Belts

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  • Clarification on Belts

    1. I read a couple articles authored by Rippetoe and Feigenbaum regarding weightlifting belts. It seems that a 4"" belt may be unsuitable for the deadlift. Specifically, Rippetoe states, "Unless you’re tall or long-waisted, a 4-inch-wide standard power belt is too wide to permit a correct lumbar position at the start of a correct deadlift ... A belt for the deadlift works better if it fits better, and this may mean that a 3-inch, 2.5-inch, or even a 2-inch belt at a 10 to 13mm thickness works much better for you as a support that does not interfere with the set-up."

    If a 4"" belt is inappropriate for the deadlift, would a belt appropriate for deadlifts be appropriate for the other lifts (squats, overhead press, etc.) ?
    In other words, what one belt is suitable for all lifts (or are two more optimal)?

    2. An old article on the Barbell Medicine website listed belt recommendations that included the ATP belt, Inzer belt, and Bob's belt. On a recent Instagram post, Jordan wrote that he used a 13mm 4"" single-prong Best Belt.
    Have your recommendations changed since the writing of the article? What's your updated opinion?


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    I don't believe that any of us (Jordan, Austin, or me) have found it necessary to put a client into a 2 or 2.5 inch belt. If you are short-waisted, you might need a 3 inch belt to properly set your back for the DL, and in that case, you can use that belt for everything. Or you can use a 4 inch belt for everything. Jordan, Austin, and I all use 4 inch belts for DLs, I am 5'4", and I can set my back with it. So it's very possible to use a 4 inch belt.

    We suggest, Bob's Belts, and Pioneer Belts.