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Hypertrophy to strength training ratio

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  • Hypertrophy to strength training ratio

    Male, 61 yrs/old, 5'11", 200lb, 38" waist, early intermediate, relatively low on the response gradient
    Due to my general lack of upper body muscle mass, I would like to increase the average time spent doing hypertrophy work to strength work to 2:1. I am on week 4 of the 3 day 7 wk hypertrophy template and I feel I am responding well in spite of having to drop the weight on the bar to meet the volume requirements at the beginning. I am now able to inch up the weight and still recover.

    My question is: would it be preferable to do the 7 wk hypertrophy template twice in a row and then do Bridge 3.0 as a combo block or do the 7 wk hypertrophy followed by the 4 wk time crunch as a 11 wk block and repeat. In this case the strength program would be the "palate cleanse" and the hypertrophy would be the main course.

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    Yea I think you could run the hypertrophy template 2x in a row and then do the Bridge 3.0- then reassess.
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      Thanks for the feedback, I will give it a try.