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GPP Hypertrophy Bias - RDL and SLDL question

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  • GPP Hypertrophy Bias - RDL and SLDL question

    Hi BBM crew and everyone on the forum!

    So i´m on week 6 of the 3 day version of the plan, and I love almost everything about it...except for the squat assistance exercises, both RDL and SLDL.

    Since starting doing this exercises from the program I have had a lot of lower back pain. It´s not to the point where I can´t train but it has gotten worst as the weeks go by. I always feel the lower back destroyed and I just wanted to ask:
    1. Is this normal?
    2. I´ve tried to not round my back and keep 'good' technique, but could it be that I need to do it with better technique?
    3. Could it be that my body is not adapting to well to this exercises and that I should consider doing other exercises?
    I´m just sucking it up and I have not changed anything about the program but I´m curious on how to approach this situation.

    Also, my competition deadlift has taken a massive hit due to this problem and has gone from 190kg to 150kg.
    I´m 25yo, 188cm tall and BW is around 90kg
    Squat is 120kg(Low, I know, working on it!)
    Bench is 105kg
    Press is 70kg

    Thanks in advance

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    It's unlikely to be related to your technique. This sounds likely to be fatigue-related, i.e., you weren't adequately adapted to this much training stress on the back.

    I would probably temporarily swap those movements out for something else (for example, the leg press, or some other movement), and later on you can re-introduce them at a lower volume & intensity, and work this back up over time.
    IG / YT


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      Thanks for the reply Austin! I'll try to train my back gradually to handle this much stress