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  • group programming question

    I'm thinking about signing up for the group programming but have a question or two. I've read reviews and think these won't be a problem but want to double check with BBM directly.

    I have Hashimotos thyroiditis (Male/29) and may require some accommodations. The big issue is generally joint stiffness after exercise and if I do an exercise too often it can be very uncomfortable from day to day; squats are the best example, if I squat three times a week my knees feel hammered all the time. I also have a hamstring tendinopathy that requires some programming adjustments. Are these too complicated to work with in a group setting?

    Any other reviews of the group programming would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for considering us for group programming. We'd love to have you

    That said, I do not think the Hashimoto's is causing you any issue if it is adequately treated. Additionally, joint stiffness, pain, etc. is most likely related to programming issues, which we address regularly. I do not think there's anything terribly out of the ordinary here that would caution me from recommending group programming for you.

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      Well...defining 'adequately treated' is a bit tricky. My Hashimotos has been in flux, and had major symptoms earlier this year; especially exercise/movement induced 'aches and pains', so I wouldn't say I'm in the clear yet. I go to an endocrinologists about every 3-4 months and while I won't deny programming is at play I just wanted to specify.