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Hypertrophy block?

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  • Hypertrophy block?

    Hi doctors, I've been wondering on what to do next in my training, next week I'm finishing the bridge 1.0 the second run of it, and I'm not sure what template for next, I have at hand the Bridge 3.1 and both 3 day and 4 day Hypertrophy template, my main goals as of right now are getting stronger and also add muscle mass.
    My stats:
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8"
    BW: 144.6lb (actively gaining weight ~1lb/week)
    Waist: ~29inch

    So I was wondering if I should do a hypertrophy template to switch up thing from doing two times in a row The Bridge 1.0?

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    3 day hypertrophy template. Keep gaining weight
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