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    Jordan, Austin and BBM Team,

    Just wanted to take a moment and thank you, and especially thank Hassan and Vanessa. I'm an online customer. I started this journey around the beginning of September, I'm 6-2, at the time waist was over 45inches. and weighed between 260-265. I became an online customer in October when I found out about you through a friend. By then i was around 44 inch waist, and 250. but felt like i needed help, so i signed on with BBM for online nutrition and training Hassan and Vanessa have provided excellent service and guidance, although I have not been the best client in terms of reporting all the time! in any case, as of this morning, waist measurement is 38.75, and weight is 230.8, not quite to the goal yet, but getting very close. At the same time- strength has gone up considerably, all my knee pain (which I'd struggled with for 3 years or so) is completely gone. I turn 50 this month, and I feel like I've discovered the fountain of youth.
    Again, thank you all for what you do.


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    Really happy to hear this. Thanks for the message!
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