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  • Template Mods/Consectutive Day Training

    Just purchased the master template packages this past weekend. Good stuff in there; thanks for putting that together

    Scheduling Question:
    I'm limited to M,Tu,Th for training days. This isn't a temporary time crunch thing, it is pretty much my fixed schedule for 6-8 months moving forward.
    I regularly bike/hike/whitewater kayak on Saturdays, and this is important to me and my mental health, so I'm gonna keep it and count that as Steady State work.
    I'm debating between the options below:

    Option 1 (split/full body)
    Mon - C-S, S-D1, GPP Intervals
    Tue - C-P, S-B1, 7 min upper back protocol
    Thu - C-D, C-B, S-D1/S-S1
    Sat - steady state work as mentioned above

    Option 2 (full body each day)
    Mon - C-S, C-B, GPP Intervals
    Tue - C-D, C-P, 7 min upper back protocol
    Thu - S-S1, C-B, S-D1
    Sat - steady state work as mentioned above

    I guess option 3 would be: just do the strength movements as laid out in the template package, with Tuesday's work being a bit compromised from fatigue.

    Any thoughts on which method would be better? Or is this generally in the "just try it for yourself" territory? I've tried 3 day full body and 4 day splits in the past, and SEEMED to recover from the split a little better, tho I don't really have data on it.....purely subjective.

    I've left this intentionally generic, without weekly reps/sets. Not trying to post a whole template here.

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    There's certainly room for experimentation here, and you can certainly adapt to training full body lifts two days in a row (Jordan, Leah, Alan and I all do it, as do a number of our trainees).

    However, I would NOT put the GPP intervals at the end of day 1, right before high-priority competition lifts on day 2.

    What template are you basing this off of, and what are your goals here? Are you primarily training for strength? GPP/Endurance stuff? These are all important for determining how you'd go about customizing this. For example, if you're training mainly for strength and don't have a specific need for doing lots of conditioning, I might just call your Saturday "enough" and not worry about the additional GPP work for now - in which case, I might do something like:

    Mon: C-S + C-B + S-B2
    Tue: C-D + S-B1 (or C-P) + upper back work (or S-S2, if applicable)
    Thu: S-S1 + C-P (or S-B1) + S-D1

    Whereas if conditioning/GPP/endurance is more of a focus, this would all look different (as you might have noticed from comparing the 12 week strength vs. GPP/Endurance templates).

    Lots of different ways you could spin this, obviously.
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      Makes sense. I"m probably gonna run a 12 week block focused mostly on strength, and then a 4-7 week block focused on conditioning/GPP to kick start the busy spring/summer.