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  • Re: training transfer for contact team sports

    I've been kicking around how to word this and have gotten no where so here goes...

    In Strength is Specific from Beardsley he discusses muscle fiber types that change based on the velocity used in training and I'm concerned my training is skewing toward the slow type.

    I train for health and amateur rugby so my high end performance isn't that important but I'm concerned about lack of higher velocity movements and also joint angles used in my training.

    I enjoy the BBM approach to training but after several mentions of; jump squat, hip thrusters and Nordic hamstring curls for transfer from training into sprinting and change of direction performance have me thinking I should use some of those movements or perform some lifts with "dynamic effort".

    Something to work in or it's just club rugby and the difference is negligible?

    If it's something to consider any thoughts on movements to swap or use "dynamic effort" for?

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    If you train for health and rugby, it sounds like you don't need to train like a powerlifter. Our bias of course is to maintain at least some training of the "big" lifts (squat, bench/press, deadlift) in your training for various reasons, but there are any number of approaches that can be taken with respect to the rest of your training.

    Neither of us are rugby coaches, however, so we can't have a very high degree of confidence in making very specific recommendations with respect to training for that sport. You might just consider incorporating some of those things into your training and seeing how you respond.
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