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  • Pin Squat substitute

    I am on week 9 of the 12 week strength template. I see that day 4 has pin squats programmed. I am not sure I can do a pin squat with a regular squat bar. I have to grip the bar at the edge of the collars. My hands will be in the way of the pins. I have tried several times over the years using a closer grip on squats but end up with terrible elbow pain over time no matter how I adjust my grip and wrist position. I have been using a rogue SSB bar for my supplemental squats for the last 4 weeks. Would using the SSB bar for the PIN squat be a good alternative or is there another variation that would be better suited? Thanks for any advice and all of the information you share. Thanks

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    I'd probably just do Paused squats.
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      Sounds good. Thanks