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Training on Bent Bars

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  • Training on Bent Bars

    My current gym has a half decent powerlifting area - rogue racks and bench, but crappy octagonal plates and all the bars are pretty badly bent. Is it worth it to go ahead and just buy my own bar and store it there? I've asked the gym and they don't have a problem with it.

    Second question - the rogue bench they have has the Thompson Fat Pad on it. I am 6'4 with REALLY broad shoulders and this thing still feels crazy wide. Have you ever used it? Is this worthwhile? The edge of the pad touches my rear delts. They have "normal" benches back in the "globogym" area, so I could use that instead.

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    I guess it depends on how bent the bars are, and how important training is to you. It sounds like they're very noticeably bent, and if you're even considering the option of buying your own bar it sounds like training is "important enough" to you to actually go through with it.

    Yes, Jordan and I have used the fat pad before and neither of us particularly liked it.
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