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Which variables should be adjusted when training time is a limiting factor?

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  • Which variables should be adjusted when training time is a limiting factor?

    I workout first thing in the morning because life.

    currently running the bridge. On the mid/high stress weeks, time starts becoming a factor because of the increased volume and my rest periods tend to be a little longer. Which of these variables and in what priority would you adjust to optimize training results?

    1: less sleep. I currently about 6-7, going to bed earlier not really an option, but I could get up earlier
    2: shorter rest periods I would imagine I would decrease the weight slightly to keep the same RPE. I usually use about 4-5 min of rest on the more intense sets
    3: training day frequency increase from 4 to 5 days, is this advised? advice on how to re-structure the workouts if this were the case.
    4: decrease volume
    5: something else

    other things to consider. My warm up is a barbell complex of deadlift/press/squat takes about 90 seconds, and then a warm up of that exercise starting with the empty barbell leading up to my working weight usually about 3-4 sets. for example working up to squat [email protected] it would go Barbell/135/225/285/working weight, 2-5 reps. 0-3 min rest, most of the rest being on the last set. should this change?


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    What programming are you doing and what are your work sets?
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