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Switching from LP to Bridge 2.0 after a break from training

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  • Switching from LP to Bridge 2.0 after a break from training


    So, I had a bit of an enforced break from training for a couple of weeks over the Christmas holidays - staying at my parents in a remote part of the country where the gym had closed for the holidays. I'll admit that I did succumb to the usual excesses of food, cakes, wine etc.
    Inevitably, when I got back to the gym a few days ago, I struggled to get near the numbers that I was hitting before the break. I had just finished my LP before the holidays and had begun the Bridge 2.0, so I wanted to ask what you think would be the best approach to training from now onward?

    I finished my LP a week before the holidays started, and I had completed week one of the Bridge 2.0 leading up to Christmas. Not ideal timing for switching program, but I didn't plan on being away from training for quite as long as I was.

    My numbers for 3 sets of 5 at the end of my LP were: Squat 152.5kg, DL 172.5kg, Bench 80kg and Press 60kg. I did a couple of sessions over the last few days to try to assess where I'm at now, and I my lifts were about 10% lower than at the end of LP.

    So, I was wondering what you would suggest in this situation? A mini-LP to get back to where I was before, or should I just start the Bridge 2.0 again?

    Thanks for your help. I've learnt my lesson and will (try) not to give in to such excesses in the future!

    My stats: male, 37yrs, 5'10, 205lbs.

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    I would do a mini LP right now, yes. Thanks for the message!
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