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Belt, burst capillaries

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  • Belt, burst capillaries

    Male, 30 yrs old, 5'9'' 187 lbs, ~4 consecutive years of lifting.
    I just started bridge, I'm on second week. I bought belt, started using it at the same time I started the bridge.
    Thats the first time I use one.
    Yesterday I did day 1 of 2nd week.
    When doing squats I felt a lot of pressure in head and neck, a lot more than when I'm not using belt. and tingling in neck. I prescribed that that is because of belt and increased intra abdominal pressure.
    Later that night I spotted lot of tiny blody stains on my backe, neck, under the eyes, forehead...
    This was not the weight that I never used so I think that it is from using belt.

    What I'm doing wrong? Did anyone had this? WhT to do that this dont happened any more?

    And I have bruising below the ribs and above pelvis from belt. Do you think is too tight or just body adopting to belt?

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    Be sure you are holding your breath down in the glottis (vocal chords), not in your mouth. And the tiny spots can indeed show up when lifting, and they should fade rather quickly.

    With the bruising-your belt might be too tight or it might still be stiff and need to be broken in. Be sure the belt is tight enough that you can brace against it, but not so tight that it impedes your ability to take a good, deep breath.


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      Thanks, I didn't paid attention for the glottis/mouth thing at all.