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Hypertrophy 3 Day to Bridge 3.0

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  • Hypertrophy 3 Day to Bridge 3.0


    I just completed the 3 day hypertrophy template and will begin The Bridge 3.0 Monday. Prior to hypertrophy I ran The Bridge 1.0.

    My questions are in regard to arm work and GPP:

    1. Last week of hypertrophy I was doing 3 days a week arms for 5X12 curls and press downs. The Bridge 3.0 has it starting 1 day and then to 2 days with 3-5 sets gradually increasing with 12-15 reps @8. Since I am accustomed now to 3 days 5X12 should I continue this or follow as programmed. Does it matter - would more arm work than programmed be counter productive to strength gains I suppose?

    2. Additionally, can I put triceps work on main days and leave biceps on GPP? I just assume to not run triceps for like 4 straight days as triceps are hit a lot in pressing of course as well. I do MWF and GPP T Sat.

    3. Lastly, would doing triceps work more than biceps work, day 3 days to 2 days, be okay? I seem to like triceps work, having never done it before, and it seems to help a lot with pressing obviously. I was thinking triceps MWF after main days then biceps on GPP days.

    Thank you for all of your help and information!

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    1) I would follow it as programmed.
    2) Sure, that's fine.
    3) This is also fine
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      Thanks a lot - appreciate the reply so quickly too!