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Question About Where to Resume 'The Bridge' and Adding a Second GPP Day

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  • Question About Where to Resume 'The Bridge' and Adding a Second GPP Day

    On Tuesday I sprained my foot and have had to miss the gym for the rest of this week while I recover. I started The Bridge last week, and completed the first workout of week two on Monday. I plan to get back to the gym next week and was wondering whether I should restart the program or start from the beginning of week two. Previously, I have seen it suggested on the boards that when someone misses a week of training, when they return to the gym they should repeat the week of programming that they did immediately before the break. However, since week one of The Bridge has less volume than I was doing before, and I am now missing most of a week of training, I am hoping that it will be alright for me to jump straight back into week two. I would greatly appreciate some advice on this matter.

    Also, I was doing quite a bit of conditioning work before starting The Bridge and am currently trying to cut weight. Given my circumstances, would it be appropriate to add a second GPP day from now, instead of waiting until week five?

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    It's fine to jump into week two, and to add the conditioning if you're already adapted to it.

    It'd also be fine to start with week one. These sorts of things make little difference in the long run.
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