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Does running require disproportionate recovery resources? Nuance within.

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  • Does running require disproportionate recovery resources? Nuance within.

    Age 33
    Height 5'10"
    Weight 187.4
    WC 36ish inches

    I wrapped up The Bridge 1.0 last week, and have started the 3 Day Hypertrophy/GPP template targeting modest weight loss (0.5%/wk) for the seven weeks. In planning out the weeks it became apparent that I would not have ready access to an air bike/rower/sled on many days when it would be optimal to do that GPP session, but I always have access to a mostly level and smooth running surface. Yesterday was one such day, so I just went for it. Other than the obvious truth, that it is a different adaptation and I suck at it, it also became apparent that I could get better at it, and that I might like to. To state the question with more nuance (which we all love), diet, sleep, training sessions & RPE being roughly the same, for a person who is not obese nor untrained, is there something about running that would require different recovery considerations than the recommended GPP? The impact loading of a running gait seems to be the difference, but as a species we seem capable of making that adaptation without leaving a bunch of people clutching ankles and knees on every sidewalk and track.

    The San Antonio seminar was fun, and Leah is the best coach so get on her level anyone who isn't Leah.

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    Nope, if the workload is progressed intelligently over time, you'll adapt to it and should be able to do just fine with running too
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