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  • General Strength and Conditioning Exercise Selection

    I saw another post about alternatives to the hip thrusts and could have posted there, but I had some other questions too, so I decided to be a special snowflake and make another thread.

    In the other thread, you suggested leg press as an alternative to the myorep hip thrusts programmed in the first 5 weeks. Would you recommend the leg press over the exercise selection alternatives given in the spreadsheet? If not, I was planning on doing either Pendlay rows or RDLs. If I was planning on doing Pendlay rows for upper-back GPP, would it be too much to also do them for myoreps as given in the program? Would it be a problem to do RDLs for myoreps in the weeks prior to the introduction of heavier RDLs?

    For GPP trunk work, the overview offered back/hip extensions as options, which I'd be stoked on. In the event that I have to do GPP on the same days I lift, are there some days that'd be worse than others to do both? For example, should I avoid doing GPP back extensions on the same day I deadlift heavy?

    Thanks for what you guys do. I know very little, but knew nothing when I first started looking into strength stuff a few months ago. Various sources recommended Starting Strength, but my first couple encounters with their stuff gave me the impression that it might just be for people who were super into not being tread on and homeschool. You and Baraki were what made me buy in. Smart people with serious expertise are crazy rare in the online fitness universe and I'm grateful Barbell Medicine is a thing.

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    Glad you've gotten some benefit from our work!

    Regarding your questions -- none of the options you've described sound egregious or crazy, and we can't necessarily predict which one (if any) you'd do "better" with, until you actually try it and see what happens. Feel free to try any of the alternative options in the sheet, or trying the rows/RDLs. If you've been exposed to sufficient volume that the myo-reps aren't an enormous jump in workload for you, and if you select your loads conservatively at the start, you'll probably be fine.
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