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Pendlay Row warming up (for 10 reps)

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  • Pendlay Row warming up (for 10 reps)

    I know how to warm up for other lifts. But when I warm up with pendlay row, I'm not so sure if I'm doing alright. Feels like too much volume for warm up sometimes.

    This is how I pendlay row.

    Warm up
    40kg x 10
    40kg x 10
    45kg x 10
    50kg x 10

    Workout set
    52.5kg x 10@7
    55kg x 10@8
    55kg x 10@8
    55kg x 10@8

    Does it seem alright? Or need to cut down some warm up sets or reps?

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    This is likely not your first lift of the day, right? So with that and the relatively light weight (not your weight, but the general load of the rows compared to anyone's other lifts), you should only need 1-2 warm up sets and the you're ready to go.


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      So you are saying..

      warm up set 40kg x 10 (x 2)

      and right then go for workout set 52.5 x 10@7?


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        How about 40 x 10 and then 45x10? The point of the warm up is to prepare you for the movement and this will prepare you. :-)