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Performance outpacing recovery?

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  • Performance outpacing recovery?

    I’ve been having this issue and I cannot seem to narrow down the cause so I was wondering if I could get some advice. I’ve been running the strength templates for a while and I’ve switched to the hypertrophy template. The problem persist regardless of training modality and time of day but is more severe during evening training. I get a dizzy and light headed feeling along with a slight sense of nausea towards the end of the day that plays havock on my RPE. I’ve been tested for vertigo and I’ve used a blood sugar test while I was having my symptoms and numbers were normal. I’ve also had some labs done and nothing was out of spec. Caloric intake should be on point since I’m maintaining weight. I don’t track rather I go by the scale and the notch on my lifting belt. My sleep hasn’t been the best however but it’s really been no different since I can remember. I get on average 5-6 hours of interrupted sleep. Could it simply be an increase in weight on the bar has finally caught up or surpassed my body’s ability to recover given the intake and sleep? I’m not lifting impressive weights by any stretch so I can’t imagine that is the issue. Bodyweight 175lbs. 5’10” male, age 32. DL=405, LBS=330, OHP=145, B=240


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    I don't think this is related to absolute loading outpacing recovery, as that's not really possible by definition.

    Your symptoms don't really sound related to a training-specific variable, though I would follow up with your doctor for sure.

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