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  • template recommendation - older intermediate

    male, 49 years old, ~190 pound @ 5'8".

    I've been barbell training on my own for coming up on two years. I've run a basic 5x5 during my novice phase and a have run through a couple cycles of a a simple strength/barbell based HLM routine. The rest was filled in with unstructured, ad-hoc training.

    Current lifts coming off latest 12 week HLM cycle (i'm testing PRs this week):

    OHP: 220 (previous PR was 205)
    Bench: (untested, previous was 285, current estimate is 305-315)
    Squat: (untested, previous was 405, current estimate is 410-420)
    Deadlift: 430 (previous PR was 405, I'm a relatively weak deadlifter and wouldn't mind improving)

    For my next training phase I want to shed some bodyfat, only about 10-15 pounds - but that will get me pretty low bf% wise so I'm expecting to lose some strength. If I'm being honest, I'm wanting to lean out to look good for summer but I want to retain as much strength as possible.

    My equipment is limited to a barbell, bench and rack (rack has pull-up bar and dip attachment). I'm willing to invest in dumbbells. For conditioning, I prefer running (intervals, hills).


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    I'd probably run the hypertrophy 1 or powerbuilding 1 template for this application.
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      Cool, thanks, will purchase PB1. I was leaning towards that based on the descriptions but wasn't sure if I should go with PB2 since I've been training for almost two years (albeit somewhat unstructured for at least half of that). Is the PB1 recommendation due to age, experience or lack of equipment? I can fix two of those three Just curious.


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        The PB 1 would be a solid choice since it's the first in the training cycle of that branch and it sounds like you're new to our templates. I think that you'll find that the use of RPE with the volume and structure of the programs will be a solid fit, even with your background in training.