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Arm volume and GPP question

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  • Arm volume and GPP question

    Hey all,

    1. Over the last 10 months I've been running 3 day hypertrophy, 4 day hypertrophy, 12 week strength, 3 day hypertrophy again and 4 day hypetrophy again (currently in week 6). I've been making great progress on all my lifts and also gained some size, except for on my arms. After my first run of the hypertrophy templates I bumped up the volume to 6sets 3xwk and even added a 3 extra sets on a 4th day, all without any measurable progress. I think I might have overdone it on the volume, so my plan going forward right now is to not do any arm training for +-2 weeks and then jump straight into the programmed arm volume for my second run of the 12wk strength. The goal is to desensitize/ do a palat cleanse, although I'm not sure if this is how that works. Does this sound like a reasonable plan?

    2. regarding the other GPP stuff: after my first run of the templates I kept the volume and frequency on the higher end (30-35min LISS, 1 HIIT session and 10minutes for upper back and abs). Should I try to bump it up even more eventually or keep it the same?


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    Thanks for your post and I hope you're doing well.

    1) I don't think you're doing too much- seems unlikely. I wonder how many hard sets you're doing (e.g. RPE 8 or higher) and what your weight has been doing.
    2) I think it depends on what you want to do and other contextual factors about your level of training, weight, waist, etc. In general, I like the idea of gradually progressing over time.
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      I do feel like it is significantly harder to judge RPE on things like barbell curls, I feel like I can always 'squeeze out' a couple more reps, so maybe I should try to push it a little harder to make sure I don't stop before a true RPE 8.

      As for the other GPP work, I will find some way to progress over the next couple of months. Thanks!