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New Hypertrophy 1 and Hypertrophy 2 Template!

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  • New Hypertrophy 1 and Hypertrophy 2 Template!

    Hey, why do you suggest I run Hypertrophy 1 before Hypertrophy 2?!
    Also on Hypertrophy 2, it says I do DB Lateral Raises twice a week and the same goes for Leg Extensions, DB Flys and Back Extensions, typo?!

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    Hi Leon,
    I don't understand your first question. Why would you not do 1 before 2? And yes, the x2 week for the supplemental work is a typo and if you re-load the template from the website, you'll see that correction.


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      Thanks for the answer. I got Hypertrophy 2. In W1D1, exercise #3, it says "x" exercise for "70% e1RM, xAMRAP x1 set, 63% e1RM x12 reps x2 sets". My question is, how do I know my e1RM in an exercise like the DB Incline Bench?


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        We suggest you aim or or guess on a weight that will get you close on Week 1 and then adjust from there as needed.
        70% is ~ a 10RM, in general. So if you know your 1RM to any reasonable degree of certainty, you should get ~ 10 reps using 70%. If you don't know your 1RM and you guesstimate then you may get more or less, which is fine. If you're way low (<7 reps) or way high (>15 reps) then I'd adjust the weight for the next time you do that exercise with that protocol.


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          One last thing Leah, why is there DB Incline Bench 45* twice a week and why is Low Incline DB Bench Press 2 times in a row in W6-10D3? Is it a typo or are these suggested as so?


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            Yes, that is a unique part of this programming, being it's hypertrophy focused, however you can change the exercise selection if you'd like. Go as written and it's quite the bro day, right? :-)