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    Since finding you (BBM) material and watching a lot of the youtube content you guys are putting out I have since shifted my goal to fat loss, waist reduction since I was right on the 40" mark. I had been following SSNLP, running and running the program, thinking I should be hitting a 315lb Squat at 198lb bodyweight.

    My current program is Andy Bakers GGW. This is actually my last week of it which calls for working up to and attempting a new PR on Press/Deadlift then three days later Bench/Squat. Needless to say I failed in hitting PRs. The cool thing is my waist is down 1" 40">39" so the trend is heading in the right direction. Having massively failed today I think I will just call it a day with the program and get on The Bridge.

    I am wondering if, even being in a deficit I should have still PR'd todays lifts? It may well have been my load selection which was the problem also. On my way up on the Press, I hit 135 for @8/@8.5 but because my Press 1rm before beginning the program was 140lb I went right to 145lb.

    That being said, I do think The Bridge will facilitate my goals much better at this moment in time. Sorry this got long winded, apologies.

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    Thanks for the post, the kind words, and I'm happy you're seeing some progress with Baker's stuff. Awesome

    I'm not sure of the programming details for that particular training program, but it's certainly reasonable to think that an individual would be able to PR on all (or most) of their lifts over the course of a single week if their training was going well. Anecdotally, powerlifters PR their lifts on a single day relatively often.

    I don't think the deficit is likely affecting your strength gains, however. In fact, I think it's a mistake when individuals attribute lack of progress to weight loss in situations where folks have a significant amount of weight to lose and/or are newer to training.

    Hope that makes sense and let us know how you do with The Bridge!

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