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Question about Barbell Rows in the Bridge

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  • Question about Barbell Rows in the Bridge


    I just finished the Starting Strength Linear Progression and I want to start with The Bridge, I was planing mi first week and setting some reference weights for for each RPE based on my estimated 1RM for each of the basic lifts (Squat, Press, Bench, Deadlift). My question is: what lift can I use as a reference for the Barbell Rows? I was thinking in the deadlift but I never did Barbell Rows so probably its gonna be too much.

    How should I calculate a reasonable RPE 6, 7 and 8?


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    Thanks for the post and I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experience with The Bridge.

    As far as rows go, I don't think you can predict the appropriate weight you'll use based on any of your other lifts. Rather, I think you should start with the empty bar and add small increments of weight for each subsequent warm up set until you get to something that feels like RPE 6.

    For reference, by best set of 10 on pendlay rows is like 330 or something, less than 50% of my best deadlift for 1.
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      Hi Jordan,

      Thanks for your answer. I will follow your advice and do small increments.