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  • What should I do?

    Hey doc,

    I run the Bridge 1.0 back to back and didn't seem to make any progress. Actually, on week 5 on the second run, my e1rm started going down so I got off it as the Bridge is not an appropriate stress for me.

    Prior to the Bridge I ran the Legacy 4 day hyper and it went well. I lost 10-12 lbs with the price of my lifts going down about 10-15 lbs per movement.

    Currently I am on week 2 day 1 of the Legacy 4 day hyper, and my e1rm is going down.. again. Besides BBM coaching, what would you recommend me do?

    Continue the 4 day hyper to build my work capacity to move on the new juicy powerlifting BBM released, or forget the hyper and just move on a powerlifting program?

    If you say continue with the Legacy 4 day hyper, would it be a good idea to only do one set of @7 instead of multiple sets and transfer the multiple sets of @7's on days 3 and 4? The theory behind it is to do slightly less volume so that I can allocate my energy for the comp lifts work sets (while still having the benefits of the increased volume work, compared to non volume programs) so that I am able to add weight to all my sets when possible and not have my RPE shoot up.

    Thanks doc.

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    I tried to call your number in your username, but it's been disconnected. What gives?

    Just a few things here:

    It is not surprising that your e1RM has gone down on a hypertrophy template- mainly because of the lack of specificity. When coupled with weight loss that seems a bit more reasonable, though we have seen people do well from both a strength and weight loss perspective on that template too. Seems like the program isn't a good fit for you and we expect that to be the case for a certain portion of the population.

    I also don't think The Bridge is the appropriate program AFTER the legacy hypertrophy template, mainly because it's not really an increase in stress you know?

    I probably wouldn't run another hypertrophy block right now- perhaps the Strength I or PL II would be appropriate since you haven't done a strength block in awhile. If that goes well, I'd move on to the Powerbuilding or General S/C template before returning to the strength block.

    If you don't respond to those templates, I think group programming may be a good option to get a bit more individualized coaching.

    Hope that makes sense and that we can work together to help you chart a path forward

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