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New gym-unsure what template to run.

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  • New gym-unsure what template to run.

    I’m starting at a new gym today. I have a full setup in my basement but this is a new barbell focused gym less than a mile from my house. They are going to have club meets, plate clubs, etc so the competitor in me is excited. I’ve been lacking something ever since I’ve stopped training for and doing marathons and other longer endurance events. I am on week 2 of the legacy hypertrophy template. Should I finish that up or go back into the 12 week strength? One part of me says to keep with the hypertrophy template and try and gain some crossection but another part says try to get your numbers as high as possible on that whiteboard. Thoughts?

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    Sounds like a pretty awesome gym and I'd be excited to train there too!

    I think I'd finish the 3rd week of the legacy hypertrophy template and then jump back into the 12WS- just to have a bit of a break between strength blocks. You can/will gain LBM on the 12WS provided you're in a calorie surplus

    Kill it, dude.

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