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Novice or Intermediate Periodization?

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  • Novice or Intermediate Periodization?

    Hey BBM crew! Just wanted to start off by saying i’m glad I’ve found you guys and I really do hope you gain much more popularity, many people could find your information valuable! I’ve been basically binging your yt and social media content for the past couple months (no regrets lol)
    Just a little info to help clarify my situation: i’m a 16y/o male, 5’8, ~155-160lbs, ~18%bf and 32in waist(currently in a gaining phase). I started out my journey as a bro trying to get jacked whilst simultaneously getting “ripped” (oh the irony). I basically messed around in the gym for a year and a half until I took the red pill and started a basic PPL program whilst trying to progress linearly. It honestly felt so grindy that I switched over to another program: a modified version of 5/3/1... yep, nice one. I ran that for about 8 months and lifts went up a bit, but obviously not at an optimal pace. I’m currently running Alan Thrall’s free 13-week program, which is my first introduction to BBM periodization and RPE. Gotta say, feels alot better than trying to grind out reps to no avail. The root of my worries is this: have I skimmed past the initial stages of my progression and stress-recovery-adaptation cycles too quickly? I’m way past my novice days (though my numbers are not impressive in the least (180lbs binch, 240lbs skuatt, 335lbs ded), yet I don’t really know if Alan’s 4x/wk template is appropriate for me (feels pretty good tho, recovery’s fine and dandy, and i’m taking group conditioning sessions 2x/wk rather than the recommended cardio). Should I simply switch over to something a bit more basic like the Bridge or one of your earlier templates? Or would that not provide the sufficient stress for progress? (Just wanna be bigger and stronger, nothing specific)
    Sorry for the long post, have a nice day!

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    D Sanch,

    Thanks for the post and congrats on starting your journey early.

    I don't think you've significantly compromised your long-term development by anything you've done in the past. Rather, provided you engage in progressive overload for the next decade of your training career and stay committed to the iron, you'll be just fine.

    I would continue Dr. Thrall's template if you like it. Carry on and let us know how you do.

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      Woah! You actually answered, that’s so dope! Thank you very much Dr. Feigenbaum, appreciate the time taken to answer my question. Have a nice one!