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  • Powerbuilding Squat Selection

    I began the Powerbuilding 1 template this week, and on day 2 there 4 options for the squat slot (leg press, belt squat, SSB, HBBS). I have access to all options, except for a belt squat.

    I’m wondering if you could explain why/when you would pick one option over another. In which cases is one preferred? Should I stick with the same variation throughout the program, or mix it up from week to week?

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    I think the leg press works best for the higher rep work when it's available. The ROM is relatively big for the legs, the contraction types are similar to a squat, and the overall fatigue is a bit lower. That said, if you didn't have access to a leg press you could do the SSB or HBBS in place of it, but I would prefer the leg press. I would stick with the same variation from week to week, yes.

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