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  • Squat variation selection legacy Endurance

    I wanted to use banded squat, banded jump squat and/or split squats in my squatting slots because I have no plans to powerlift anytime soon and I believe I found those variations recommended in Beardsley's articles for sports involving running, sprinting, contact, etc. I'm currently playing/practicing rugby 1-3/week. Figured I can schedule conditioning days as rugby days with this template.

    *Any opinion on if jump squats(my highest velocity option) would be better in the 5 and 4 rep slots or the higher 8 rep slots?*

    I can convince myself both ways. Higher rep slot since it's my lighter load variation anyway and banded squat is closer to normal squats and I don't necessarily want to get too far from strength work; or lower rep slot since it's kind of my "competition" variation since the goal is to train higher contraction velocities.

    Hope I'm making sense here.

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    Thanks for the thoughtful question!

    So, my opinion is that higher velocity work is less useful the further you get away from sprinting. Since you're playing rugby, I could make a case for some high velocity work performed in sets of 1-5 reps with 30-60% of your 1RM.
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