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New job, moving and a long-term plan

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  • New job, moving and a long-term plan

    Hi Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum and Austin Baraki ,
    I have two questions about workout planning. I am 38/M with 39 inches waist and three years of lifting experience, but new to RPE. My goals are to get stronger at main lifts, as well as lowering my waist size below 35 inches. I am currently running the bridge ( and have purchased PB I and Strength I. My questions are:
    1. I just finished week 5 and will start week 6 tomorrow. However, I need to travel in a few days, so my 6th week cannot be finished. Would you recommend repeating week 5 when I am back in 5-7 days, or just restart the 6th week?
    2. My original long-term plan was to start with PB I in a deficit and then run Strength I while maintaining my weight and repeat this until it works. However, I am going to start a new job in another city in two months from now. This change probably makes it hard to go on a deficit and also I need to find a gym. In such a situation, I thought It might be a good idea to run the peaking template until things are stable, or just repeat Bridge 1.0. What is your recommendation?

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    Good questions!

    1) I would restart week 6 when you get back.

    2) I probably would not peak or re-run Bridge 1.0 unless you crushed it the first time through. I think you can just start the PB I template on a deficit and modify it as needed to facilitate your move.

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      Thanks! I will follow your advice