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  • Not making progress

    Looking for some advice on what to do here.

    Some background:
    I started lifting about 12 years ago, originally just doing a sort of 8x3 program of push/pull/legs 3 times/week.
    After a couple of years of doing that I came across the SS program and started doing that but stopped making progress quickly at Squat: 225, Bench: 155 (deadlift was going up, was at about 365 when I stopped).
    A year or 2 away from lifting and came back and did Texas Method and Layne Nortons PH3, seemed to make a little progress that year to Squat: 245, Bench 195, Dead: 405
    Then I found Barbell Medicine and have to say thank you for all the amazing information your put our - always listen to your podcast.
    Started doing The Bridge but again I find myself struggling to get past 225 Squat, 155 Bench and again, deadlift seems to be going ok, moving back into the upper 300s and feeling good (these numbers are for RPEs of 8 or 9 per the program)

    I am 6ft, 38, currently weight 185.

    I get good sleep and eat well, I have tried adding weight (~1lb per week, went up as far as 210lbs doing TM & PH3 which may account for the higher numbers during those phases) but felt like I couldnt keep getting fatter and so took it back down to 185.

    So yeah, I feel that these numbers are fairly pathetic for somebody who has been lifting as long as I have, I feel that I have been patient (12 yrs!) but I cant get the numbers moving upwards, any advice on what I can try?

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    Thanks for this and I can understand feeling a bit discouraged.

    That said, what week of the bridge are you on right now? Any idea on how many sessions you've missed in the last year? Finally, what's your waist circumference?

    It may be that you would benefit from gaining some LBM and adjusted programming to better suit you, but I need some more information first to hazard a guess.

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      Thanks for responding!
      So the numbers I posted were from 6 months ago when I had been running the bridge for about 6 or 7 weeks, up till that point I generally didnt miss a session, a few GPP days here and there.
      I actually broke my leg dirt biking then was only doing upper body for about 4 months but I am back to 100% now, no ill effects and started the bridge again a month ago but like I said, after 4 weeks the lifts arent going up.

      Havent done an actual waist measurement but 33in jeans size.

      Let me know what you recommend!
      Thanks again!


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        Sounds like you are just getting back into it. I would finish the Bridge, post a video of your squat in our FB group to get some feedback, and move on to a different program after The Bridge, like powerbuilding 1 or strength 1.
        Barbell Medicine "With you from bench to bedside"
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