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How much is to much and why?

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  • How much is to much and why?

    Hey everyone,
    Just off SSLP and found The Bridge to continue with. So far I am loving the program and it seems to offer the volume I'm looking for without the constant grind of the end of my LP.

    How much extra work can I do on the days that I feel like I have more in my tank?

    Today i did my Bridge work out and felt like staying in the gym to do some more stuff. I did 7 min super sets of Bi's and Tri's like I've seen you recommend and I did 5 minutes of farmers carries as well as crunches.

    The reason I ask this is because Rip and the barbell logic guys always said to do the LP work out and get out. I have also read on here you guys tell others to not waste thier time.

    How do I train as hard as I can without it being considered wasting time?

    ALSO.... when you say rows on the bridge GPP day.... what kind of rows to you mean? Rowing machine?

    I hope my questions are coherent

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    Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.

    As far as your question, what kind of extra work do you mean? I don't think that 5 minutes of farmer's carries or crunches is likely to do much of anything positive fitness or fatigue-wise- so I'm not sure I'd do that. If you want to do more arm stuff or conditioning work, just do it on your GPP days.

    On the other hand, if you're not very well trained right now I am not sure I'd recommend adding a bunch of extra work, sets, or reps to the program- rather I would focus on hitting the prescribed sets, reps, and overall intensity as indicated.

    For the rows, we mean barbell rows from the floor (Pendlay rows).


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