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Planning 12 Week Strength for meet in July

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  • Planning 12 Week Strength for meet in July

    Good day,

    I am in week 8 of the 12 week strength 2.0 program. Things are going very well. So well in fact, that on a complete whim, I’ve signed up for a meet in Toronto with our IPF affiliate. It will be my first meet.

    I have two questions, along with a proposed solution for each, and am just looking for your advice. I hope I can state them clearly. I’ve never done a taper before (and do not know how I would expect to respond), so I understand I will be getting your ‘best guess’.

    1. I have five weeks left in the program (including the test week). The meet is six weeks (plus one day) out: My plan is to repeat this (the 8th) week, the last development week instead of repeating a specialization week down the road. Does this sound right?
    2. The meet is on Sunday, July 21st. This means instead of testing on a Friday, I’m testing two days after that. My solution is to shift the program (by adding a session or skipping a day between sessions), probably starting at the first specialization week, so the ‘testing’ week of the program lands on the wed/frid/sun?
    For what it’s worth, I’m very flexible with my training days/times. I work nights during the week and train at 3:00 am, but switch to days on the weekend and train in the afternoon. Basically, I get after it whenever I can get after it.

    Your input is much appreciated. I’ve been using your programs for over a year and have no plans to change course.

    Thanks for getting me stronger,